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Are you confident that the standard of catering and food services in your establishment meet established regulatory guidelines?

Do your menus and the food being offered meet the specific standards and regulations applicable to Nursing Home and Hostel Residents with respect to nutrition and hydration, under both the current State and Commonwealth Legislation?

Are your staff, or service providers, following safe and correct food purchasing, storge, handling, preparation and serving practices?

Hospitality Consulting & Services can assist with facility and menu assessments incorporating food service audits and food safety status.

Areas covered would include;

  • Adherence to stated site food policy
  • Compliance with food safety program
  • Premises hygiene and maintenance
  • Personal hygiene practices
  • Purchasing and receival
  • Storage of all products - wet, dry and frozen foods, chemicals, packaging.
  • Menu evaluation and/or compilation
  • Food handling procedures & practices
  • Food quality including recipies & portion control
  • Cross contamination prevention
  • Food transport - internal & external
  • Labour scheduling
  • Staff training including induction and on-job training
  • Position descriptions & responsibilities
  • Work programs & service delivery
  • Workplace Health & Safety compliance & practices
  • Equipment suitability
  • Kitchen security
  • H.A.C.C.P. compliance

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