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A comprehensive concise and clear financial feasibility document will provide projections of likely achievable income; probable operating expenses; total project cost (if requested); and the resultant rate of return to the investor or developer.

Areas generally covered in any feasibility analysis undertaken by Hospitality Consulting & Services include;


Economic Indicators including

  • Population Trends
  • Employment Trends
  • Residential & Commercial Development
  • Transport
  • Tourism
  • Demand generators

Supply & Demand Analysis

  • Competitive Supply
  • Competitive Set
  • Historical performance of Competitive Supply
  • Seasonality
  • Segmentation of demand
  • Demand growth & market occupancies

Financial & operational projections

  • Estimates of occupancy
  • Average daily room rate
  • Preliminary estimated operating results
  • Estimated forward projections
  • Operational break even analysis
  • Classification of revenue & expenses



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