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A Food Safety Audit focuses on gathering information about a food business to identify any areas of potential improvement in the business's food safety processes and systems. It also identifies areas of the business that have deficiencies and the appropriate action to correct any deficiencies.

A Food Safety Audit is carried out by a person approved as an auditor and who has specified functions and obligations required to be carried out, as part of their responsibilities.

The role of a food safety auditor is primarily to conduct food safety audits of client facilities regarding the adequacy of the food safety program, pest control, operational methods and personnel practices, maintenance for food safety and cleaning practices and communicate to management on the level of food safety.
They also provide advice to Local Government regarding the accreditation of food safety programs and to undertake and report on audits of accredited food safety programs to Local Government and the holder of the food safety program.

Only food safety auditors approved by Queensland Health & NSW Food Authority may audit licensed food businesses in Queensland & NSW, for the purposes of the Act.

Hospitality Consulting & Services have been accredited by Queensland Health & NSW Food Authority to audit the following type of food businesses:
  • Food Service operations including Restaurants & Takeaways
  • Process/manufacture of food, or food service for Aged Care, Hospitals and Child Care facilities
  • Process/manufacture of food, or food service for Catering Operations (including cook chill)
  • Sale of food by wholesale or retail
  • General processing/manufacture of food
  • Processing/manufacture of 'high-risk' food

Why are food safety auditors needed?

Food safety auditors are required for the implementation of the provisions of the Act relating to food safety programs and provide an integral part of Queensland's & NSW food regulatory system. Approved food safety auditors must conduct audits of accredited food safety programs of licensed food businesses to ensure that the food safety program, the Act, the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (Food Standards Code) and applicable standards are complied with. Food safety auditors also have various reporting obligations under the Act.
Food safety auditors are necessary as they undertake audits, independent of the food business/activity being audited. They ensure an evidence based approach is achieved, and are free from bias and conflict of interest.

Who undertakes the approval process for food safety auditors?

Queensland Health/NSW Food Authority is responsible for approving food safety auditors, undertaking the monitoring, surveillance and compliance verification (via check audits) of the auditing system and approved food safety auditors. Queensland Health/NSW Food Authority also maintains a publicly available register of approved auditors, for licensed food businesses to utilise when selecting a food safety auditor, and for food regulatory agencies, for compliance purposes.

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