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Our comprehensive hospitality review will evaluate every aspect of a property which could impact the visitor experience. This will include attitude, infrastructure and delivery of product and service.

What is Involved?

For the Physical Property, we evaluate the environment, ease of access, signage, appearance and the condition of exteriors/interiors, specifically addressing presentation, cleanliness, tidiness, housekeeping, maintenance, security, safety, and comfort.

For the Guest Contact Situations, we consider appearance and attire, attitude, promptness and response, as well as overall performance and customer care facilities. Telephone, reservation and reception manners and attitudes are also included.

For Delivery of Product/Service, we look at the suitability of the layout and amenities, the quality, choice, and presentation of the product, and, most importantly, whether or not the value supports the price.

In addition our Restaurant Review, will also consider table presentation, menu selection, characteristics and balance for food and liquor, food presentation and quality, food and liquor service, and value for money.

Typically, the Hospitality Review Program would be utilised by organizations, which desire to ensure that their stakeholders represent consistent and predictable hospitality standards.

What is the Process?

This would normally involve a planning meeting with the client to discuss the specifics of the program, any special requirements, and to determine how the program will be introduced to the designated audience.

A potential schedule would then be determined and a client contact person established as liaison between the assessment team and the participating property(ies). The participants may be given a time guideline when the assessments shall occur.

The assessment will be completed by Hospitality professionals, utilizing recognised assessment tools, and a detailed executive summary will be presented to the destination leadership, reflecting what a typical visitor might experience. The review will emphasize recommendations to improve the guest experience and the brand.

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